Welcome to the Walking The Earth BETA Site. We are thrilled to be launching our test story in May called ‘Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?’ to benefit Basecamp Foundation – one of the groups leading the conservation charge in the Mara Region.

Walking The Earth is a literary expedition created by James Cannon Boyce to shine a light on people worth supporting and places worth saving.

For each story that is written, we will share the first few pages publicly and then the remainder can be purchased by making a minimum donation of $2 to the nonprofit benefiting (and there will be some fun extra options as well).

While we get started, we hope that you will help us with any feedback on our new site and how we might be able to improve.

If there is anything at all no matter how big or how small, feel free to email stephanie@walkingthe.earth.

Please stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter as over the next few months, we plan on walking around some amazing places with people who are worth supporting — we are headed to Greece and will visit a friend who is working with Syrian refugees and then later spending time with the inspiring Max Cleland.


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