Walking With The Donald

Happy Halloween everyone. In honor of this day of candy and goblins here in the United States, and in honor of the official color of Halloween, orange, and with the election a week from tomorrow, it is my great honor to introduce our latest story – Walking With The Donald by my good friend and sometimes neighbor, Frank Reidy.

Now, Frank very, very much actually wanted to walk with Donald Trump on the sandy shores of his property in Ireland, and as you can see, Frank did his share of meandering there. But Mr. Trump couldn’t fit it into his schedule evidently and sadly, Frank walked alone (although many of us were with him in spirit.)

Frank’s story shines the light on what I have always thought is the most glaring, and ultimately fateful, flaw in a politician and that is hypocrisy. Here in the US, Donald Trump hasn’t quite accepted the impact of Global Warming on our planet completely – he still has a few questions as you can see from the tweet above.

Now on the fair shores where Frank walked and Donald’s property is under siege from rising seas, remarkably he has a different point of view – as Frank writes:

The full extent of the Trump plan was revealed. The two-mile long, 16 feet high wall would consist of 200,000 tonnes of rock armour and would cost $11 million. Trump linked a promised investment of $50 million to the permission. The management warned that 300 feet of ground would be lost by 2050. The general manager of the Trump resort said that the wall would ‘determine the future of our business, the local community and its citizens’ – an argument familiar to the people of Scotland. There were portents of doom and gloom for the local community. The ‘viability of the entire resort and its potential closure’ was linked to the application by Trump’s planning consultants and work would not have any impact on that tiny snail Vertigo Angustior.

Ah the snail. That’s another fun part of the story. You see, The Donald wanted his wall – and mind you, the wall is going to cost almost as much as his original investment in the property – he wanted his wall to protect his property but there was a small, tiny almost really, but very big problem, the rare snail Vertigo Angustior.

Could this small tiny snail, along with advocates like the Friends Of The Irish Environment really stop Donald J. Trump, and his wall? Could Donald spend millions and lose another campaign? All the while while declaring that global warming is destroying his property in Ireland while being ‘bullshit’ in the United States?

Well, as we are trying to tell the whole wonderful tale, you can purchase it here.

And a word of our  author. Frank is the winner of the 2010 Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin:  Irish Language Book of the Year Award, for Ó Chósta go Cósta where he explored the people and landscapes of Eastern Africa. He is also the author of Seal san Aetóip: Sa Tóir ar Áirc an Chonartha, where he followed the trail of the fabled Biblical Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. We like to think his story for us is his greatest work.

We do love this picture of Frank by Donald’s place.


A final note on the Friends Of The Irish Environment. A great group headed by Tony Lowes. We have just met them recently but we love anyone willing to stand up and fight so hard for our planet, and a small snail, against such a big bully – well, we are most happy that the proceeds from this story will benefit them.

He never responded to any request for comment, so in fairness, we’ll give Mr. Trump the last word. I think Mr. Trump using the word ‘credibility’ would be known as irony, but I need to check with Frank on that.



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