Walking With Maison “Simply Magical”

Earlier this year, I traveled to the Mara region of Kenya to walk with my friend Maison in Naboisho Conservancy – this incredible beautiful and important region of the world is under enormous pressure and I wanted to, as our mission says, shine a light on a place worth saving and people worth supporting, in this case, The Maa Trust.

When I think, as I write this from the United States, of walking in Africa, and what it feels like to be out of your safari car, the thing that comes to my mind first is the silence – this is from the full story:

            For a while, we walk in silence. Silence is different in Africa out here on a plain. Silence is the absence not only of cars, or the sounds of people around you it’s the sound of silence above as there aren’t any planes above right now – there will be later when the Air Kenya flight lands at the airstrip. There aren’t any cars right now either though again, later there will be when people travel this road from work in Talek to their homes.

Silence in Africa is the buzz of the bush and the cackle of birds. The grunts of the animals in the plains and if you are walking, silence is the sound of your hiking boots on hard packed ground if it is the dry season and the soft sound of the mud in the wet season and if it has really just rained, the sucking sound that comes with every step.

The full story, Walking With Maison, is available for purchase for as little as $2. When you click here you will get the option to purchase for little as $2. You can also choose to purchase it for $5, $10, $15 or even $50 as the proceeds from the story benefit The Maa Trust. 

It literally takes less than a minute to buy and then the full pdf is emailed to you and you can read online, or print out and relax with a twenty-three page story that is almost 8,000 words.

Our headline quote is from one of the positive emails we have received about the story – it has brought a lot of people back to their experience in Africa and also made a lot of people plan their trips there.

So enjoy the story – and thanks for the support.

Purchase The Full Story Here For As Little As $2 With Proceeds Benefitting The Maa Trust.


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