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One of the most beautiful places in the world to walk is Kenya. I, like many I think, grew up dreaming of walking through the plains of East Africa with the tall grass and animals all around. I have been fortunate in that I have done this more than once, and our first story – which you can pre-order now and I hope you will – was written after just one such walk.

In fact, two of our stories for the launch will be about, and for the benefit of, groups operating in the Mara region of Kenya, an amazingly beautiful and amazingly complicated part of Africa. There are incredible people there doing wonderful work – most notably Dr. Crystal Courtney at The Maa Trust (I am not in any objective here as I work with and do what I can to help them).

Crystal’s group will benefit from “Walking With Maison” which will be released in the next few weeks. The first story we are releasing from this area is called “Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?” and while it’s not a full “walking” story, it tells the powerful story of what is actually happening with lions in Africa and why it’s very different from what most people think is happening.

This story is to benefit a very specific project that Basecamp Foundation USA is working on – they are attempting to raise money for a wildlife corridor which will connect the award-winning Naboisho Conservancy with the main Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Corridor Map

The conservancy movement is a powerful and important one which I very much support and hope you will too (but the best part – the best way to support is to visit and more about that in a minute). The conservancies lease land which is owned by Maasai families. The lease payments are fair and very helpful to raising the standard of living of the Maasai. The land is then protected and professionally managed with anti-poaching programs etc. A select number of camps can then operate in these conservancies – in Naboisho there are just 6 low impact camps within 55,000 acres. The safari experience is remarkably better than say within the reserve where there are dozens and dozens of camps.

Also within the conservancies, with some planning, you can walk – which you can not do in the reserve itself where you are restricted to the roads (along with everyone else) and your safari vehicle.

So, we will start by releasing “Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?” which you can pre-order now (and remember you can purchase a story for as little as $2). The funds raised by this story will go to helping secure that vital corridor of land.

“Walking With Maison” is also available for pre-order. The funds raised by this story, which is a full “walking” story, will benefit The Maa Trust and specifically their empowerment projects for women.

If you are interested in learning more about visiting this very special part of the world, please reach out to Stephanie Finn (stephanie@walkingthe.earth) – we have some special deals through our Travel On The Good partner which not only offer great savings, but also benefit the Conservancies directly.

Pre-order ‘Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?’


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