Walking In Athens. Tria

I have seen an enormous number of people living on the streets in my life, but Athens and the current situation takes it to a new level for two reasons.

First, a large number of people are in the prime of their lives – in their 20s, or 30s, and 40s. The statistics are that they are highly-educated with minimal drug and alcohol problems – quite a few are working but can’t afford housing. One of the groups that helps the homeless here wrote that after food, the biggest request is for books because the people want to read.

Second, I saw this by the Plaka, hangers hung up, pretty neat and straight and no one bothering the space or stealing from it. It’s a small home, on the street, and to me it was just so symbolic of Athens right now. It was only later that I realized that one of the posters was for the Dropkick Murphy’s – one of my favorite bands from Boston.


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