We appreciate you’re visiting Walking The Earth and wanting to learn more about what we are doing. Hopefully, a few of your questions might be answered below, but even if they are, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email either Stephanie Finn, stephanie@walkingthe.earth or James Cannon Boyce, james@walkingthe.earth. Stephanie is the Project Director for Walking The Earth and works out of our Cape Town office. James is Chief Walker and Writer and is based in Boston.

Thank you for your interest and support. And, of course, for any ideas or comments you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where Did The Idea Come From?

“It was a lot of things that came together. My experiences walking and talking to people in amazing places around the world, northern Laos, Burma, Africa and more taught me so much. Walking with someone really gives you insight you don’t get any other way. I also saw the need for nonprofits to raise money in another innovative way – many nonprofits have great Social Media channels and different ways of engaging their supporters is very important.” James

  1. Where Does The Money Go?

We want Walking The Earth to be sustainable so for each story, we have an arrangement with the nonprofit that allows us to recoup our expenses related to the writing and promotion of the story. After this, the average amount donated to the nonprofit is 70%. Walking The Earth writes, publishes and creates awareness around each story to maximize the return.

On the page, Nonprofits We’ve Walked For we share what we have raised for each nonprofit. This represents the amount that the nonprofit has actually received.

  1. What If I Want To Walk And Write A Story For You?

Great. We’d love that. Our plan is that James will write the first three or four stories so the tone, and story-type that we are looking for is clear. After that, we welcome ideas and submissions. The story has to highlight an amazing person or place in the world that could use help or support. It has to be well-written and engaging. If a story is accepted, published, and revenue generating, the first thing we will do is reimburse you for your travel expenses. Then we will compensate you for your story.

If you have an idea, please send it and either a ‘writer’ resume or samples to James (email above.)

  1. What Font Are You Using?

It’s called Inconsolota – you can get it here. If you don’t have it, the site will default to Courier which is okay but not as good.

  1. Other Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email us. We are trying to make this a community and just by reading this and being here, you’re part of this now. Let’s get walking.

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