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Walking In Athens. Tria

I have seen an enormous number of people living on the streets in my life, but Athens and the current situation takes it to a new level for two reasons. First, a large number of people are in the prime of their lives – in their 20s, or 30s, and 40s. The statistics are that…

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Walking In Athens. Dio

Waiting. Everyone has asked me what is like in Athens and after walking around for the last two days, I would say the biggest thing is that the city, the people, the stores, everyone is waiting. Waiting for customers, waiting for food, waiting for something, anything to happen. Even early in the morning, the streets…

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Walking In Athens. Ena

Parks in European cities often have people sleeping in them. In my years of backpacking and traveling through Europe, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of people on benches, under trees or simply lying on the grass. Usually, they are men, older men, who are drunk, or were drunk and are more than likely going…

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