Have you ever gone on a long walk on a favorite beach with someone special? Or had the chance to visit an amazing place on the planet and wish you could walk there forever? Those are the sensations that we are trying to bring alive here on Walking The Earth.

We want to walk in amazing places with amazing people and bring you along for the walk. We want to share with you people that are doing incredible things around the world — whether they are helping refugees in Greece, or improving women’s lives in Kenya, or supporting American veterans. Often these are people that are very, very busy doing what they love so we are stepping in to help them by doing what we do best, sharing compelling, well-written tales that inspire.

We hope you enjoy what you read.  We hope these features open your eyes and motivate you to get more involved, as well as to read our more in-depth content.

Our first stories will be from Kenya, where James walked through the Naboisho conservancy with his friend Maison Tyga, from Greece where James walked the beach with Constantine Kadel, a former Wall Street executive now helping refugees and from the streets of Atlanta, where he walked while Senator Max Cleland rolled along in his wheelchair.

So enjoy the stories and thank you for your support. Please feel free to email James at james@walkingthe.earth with any questions thoughts or ideas.


James: First Steps

James took his first steps in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he still maintains his family’s summer home on the sea. James especially likes walking with his children on the beaches of the Bahamas and the plains of Africa and realizes he is very fortunate to do so.  

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Laurissa: First Steps

Laurissa took her first steps in Johannesburg before following her wanderlust all the way to a sleepy lil town in the Western Cape. A big fan of exploring places by foot, she still sneaks out into nature every chance she gets.

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