The world is an amazing place – with incredible people and places to meet and to see. We created Walking The Earth to be a creative expedition where we travel the world and walk with remarkable people in incredible places – and we take you along with us.

Our stories are shared around the world on sites and in magazines large and small. We share the stories on social media and we even often long format stories for free so  you can sit back, relax and walk the Mara with us, or along the shores of a Greek island as Syrian refugees are pulled from the sea.

We want you to see what we see – feel what we feel and maybe you’ll go on a walk or two yourself, and share your walks with us – or maybe you’ll want to go on one of the walks that we did – or just help the people or group we walked with.

Thanks for being on the journey with us – lace up your shoes and let’s get going.

Walking With The Donald

Happy Halloween everyone. In honor of this day of candy and goblins here in the United States, and in honor of the official color of Halloween, orange, and with the election a week from tomorrow, it is my great honor to introduce our latest story – Walking With The Donald by my good friend and…

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Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?

This remarkable story, written by James Cannon Boyce, will benefit the purchase of a critical corridor of land that will connect the award-winning¬†Naboisho Conservancy with the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, offering lions, elephants and all animals safe passage. By donating a small amount to read the story in full, you will be directly…

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Walking With Maison

It was quite a journey to get here, but today in South Africa, the first six pages of “Walking With Maison” were published in the November issue of Longevity Magazine – we very much appreciate their support and partnership. The rest of the story is available for purchase there – or the entire story can…

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James: First Steps

James took his first steps in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he still maintains his family’s summer home on the sea. James especially likes walking with his children on the beaches of the Bahamas and the plains of Africa and realizes he is very fortunate to do so.  

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Laurissa: First Steps

Laurissa took her first steps in Johannesburg before following her wanderlust all the way to a sleepy lil town in the Western Cape. A big fan of exploring places by foot, she still sneaks out into nature every chance she gets.

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